Our creative collaboration began in the Hudson Valley of New York in 2005 with our first restaurant, Cafe With Love. We went on to open five more restaurants, two food trucks, and a catering company, all of which have guided us to our newest creation – House 5.

where it gets personal

In astrology, the fifth house is the house of creativity, entertainment and pleasure. It’s natural that after all we’ve brought to fruition we would name our new company House 5.

House 5 realizes our dream to create without pressure or expectation. To dare to do the things that make us happy, and in turn to make others happy. This hodgepodge of products is what we love to do, together with many others.

House 5 Bitters – The Zodiac Line is our first set of bitters. Each zodiac sign has been crafted specifically to the senses of that sign. Whether it is floral or warmth, spicy or subtle, each one is entirely different!

House 5 Hospitality – Where every dream needs a dreamer. Hospitality with a clear goal. We develop, coach, train & manage exciting hospitality projects with great people to succeed in their dream.

Coming Soon

They Call Me Chi. Fermenting is the game. We started with Kimchi, the most delicious kimchi you’ll ever taste. You’ll find a crunchy snap in every jar and a label worth steaming off and framing. Interested in tasting some, Email us: hello@house5.eu

The Lost Pepper, is a hot sauce made from exactly that, a lost pepper. Working with a local produce supplier, we take their perfectly imperfect peppers and bring them new life. We craft the sauce with whatever lovely misfit peppers we receive, bringing a different taste with each batch. We monitor the Scoville rating and display it prominently on each bottle. 25% of the proceeds will go to conquering food waste in the Netherlands.